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AARP life insurance is designed for people over the age of 65. Learn about AARP life insurance for seniors with help from a member of the professional banking and insurance industry in this free video clip.

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Series Description: Insurance is a very complicated topic, so you’ll always want to do your research before setting out to get yourself a policy to make sure that you’re making the most informed decisions. Get tips on insurance with help from a member of the professional banking and insurance industry in this free video series.

How To Shop For Life Insurance If You Are Over 50

Unlike years gone by, today people over 50 do not have a difficult time finding life insurance. Why is it easier Life Insurance for over 50 years oldtoday? Because the average life expectancy has gone up. This has resulted in a cost decrease for life insurance — even for people over 50.

While things are changing, there are still things you need to keep in mind if you want to obtain the best policy for your needs. Let’s discuss some of these things.

Stay Fit and Healthy

While age is not near the deterrent to life insurance it used to be, poor health still is. Make certain that you develop habits that will allow you to remain strong and healthy. Nothing  makes obtaining a life policy easier than a clean bill of health!

Always Compare Policies Before Purchasing

There are different types of life policies.  Therefore, it is a very good idea to take the necessary time to sit down and examine the various types of polices that are available. Why is comparing policies so important? Because the rates differ for each type. You want to make sure you get the best coverage for the price you pay.

Now, it is not the purpose of this article to spell out all the various types of life insurance policies. It will be best if you talk to a professional and let him (or her) fill in all of the details.  The point is, your agent should provide you with a wide assortment of options.  If he/she doesn’t, find someone else.

Choose The Right Term For Your Needs

If you are purchasing term plan, it is important to consider how long you need the policy to be in effect.  For example, imagine you have only nine years left on your mortgage. In addition, by the time your mortgage is paid you will no longer have children dependent on you.  College will be paid for and they will be off living their own lives. If that is your situation, a policy with a ten-year term may be sufficient. However, if your financial responsibilities will carry beyond ten years, then you may need a policy with a longer term.

Premium Options

Insurance policies generally have varying premium options, including policies for individuals over 50.  You may choose to pay your premiums annually, semi-annually, quarterly or even monthly. While an annual premium may be fairly large, however, you will probably receive a significant reduction in cost. The more frequently you pay, the less the discount.  Monthly payments may have additional handling charges tacked on.

Consider the Financial Rating Each Company

The financial rating of the insuring company you choose is very important.  Why? Because you want to be certain the company will be able to pay the benefit to your heirs in the event of your passing. It is important that you choose only companies with an A rating.

There is a popular saying that today’s 50 is yesterday’s 40. As our life span lengthens, more consideration must be given to caring for our families. That is why it is important to take good care of yourself.

Remember, these days life insurance is readily available to people over 50 — if they are in good health. So take care of yourself by living a healthy lifestyle.  And take care of your loved ones by providing for them financially when you are no longer there for them.

Tips For The Best Life Insurance For Diabetics

If you suffer from diabetes, you should not let the life insurance buying process scare you aware from it. Believe it or not, you can purchase affordable life insurance coverage if you suffer from diabetes by simply being strategic about the entire process. This is true regardless of whether or not you have type 1 or type 2 diabetes. This article will provide some of the major tips that you can use in order to ensure that you find the best possible life insurance policy for yourself.

tips diabetics life insuranceTips:

1. Know Your A1C.

Your A1C is well know as one of the biggest factors an company will look at when you are trying to find a life insurance policy. They will hone on this specific aspect in order to find out how well you have been managing your blood sugar levels over the past three months or so. The way that the test works is very simple. Your red blood cells have hemoglobin inside of them, and when your blood sugar is too high, sugar ends up building up in your actual blood and it can bind to the hemoglobin. This is essentially what is measured during the process/test. Also, if your blood glucose levels are too high, your A1C will actually reflect it. A lot of insurers look for people that have an A1C in around the 7.0 to 8.0 test range. With this level, you should be able to get pretty standard rates with different companies. Pretty much everything over an 8.0 will have you categorized as having extremely bad blood sugar management and will put you in the ‘high risk’ class for insurance companies.

2. Get Active.

A good way to ensure that your A1C is great for your tests is by simply getting active. The more active and fit you are, the better your blood sugar control is going to be. Improving your health is literally the smartest thing that you could do to get better insurance rates and also to be able to improve your entire life. By exercising and monitoring the different foods that you eat, you should be able to lower your A1C and get better overall rates.

3. Get A Recent Letter From Your Doctor.

Another thing that you could do to dramatically improve your chances of getting a good life insurance rate/quote is by getting a recent letter from your Doctor. If you suffer from diabetes, it is already important to visit your Doctor on a regular basis. In fact, a lot of people recommend a thorough check up every three months or so. If you are planning on applying for life insurance for diabetics anytime soon, you are going to want to visit your Doctor and have him/her write you a letter that you can then attach it to your life insurance application. The letter will contain a lot of information about your history and what your current routine/prescriptions are and any assessment that you Doctor can give.

By following the tips above, you should be able to find the best life insurance policy for yourself.